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The Resistible Rise of Arturo UI

“Then there’s Alexandra Augustine as Dockdaisy and her audacity in the false start where she brings the opening number to a screeching halt looking for Givola as she needs to, uh … “service him” before the show, her sex kitten song voice, and then her lingerie-clad body used as a writing table. That woman is…something else.”

– Samantha Wu


​ “I was little further away from Augustine (maybe five feet), but she held her own as well in such an intimate setting. So, I don’t mean to judge your life, but I know you have 15 minutes. Why don’t get yourself down to this shed and see two strong performers hash out some ancient affairs?”

– Christina Kostoff


​ “Augustine, in particular, had me in stitches; she does some priceless physical work, such as a moment where she is supremely awkward when trying to function in a maid’s apron.”

– Ilana Lucas


May 2022

Alexandra will be a part of Cinematic Calamity 3-D Monday May 16th @ 9:30PM at Comedy Bar Main Stage 945 Bloor St W. Tickets can be purchased here

September 2021

Catch Alexandra in In The Dark, as Officer Wilson which aired on Sept 8th 2021 on the CW.

June 2021

Watch Alexandra keep Mayor Tinsdale safe in Season 7 of The Good Witch.

December 2020

The release of Tiny Pretty Things On Netflix, where Alexandra plays the late Zoe Estrella, the wife of cop Isabel Cruz.

December 2020

The release of Unlocking Christmas on The Hallmark Channel, directed by Don McBrearty where Alexandra plays a soldier receiving a heartwarming Christmas message from our leads.

September 2020

Alexandra has just joined the team of the worldwide YouTube Channel Dating Beyond Borders as the Canadian Session Director.


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